Connect Honor of Heirs with real-world currencies and play for profit.

Used to exchange resources in "Honor of Heirs" for Honco which has real value to achieve P2E.
Honco could be protected by the value of in-game resources.


Mithril is a kind of resource each player can obtain from Dungeons, community event, and rank competition, and it is also one of the necessary elements to increase power in "Honor of Heirs".

Honco Flow Honco Flow

The features of Honco

    Commonly Used Currency
    In Honor of Heirs, Honco is a commonly-used currency used to exchange Mithril in the game.
    Freely Circulate
    Honco will be bound with blockchain. It is a significant circulating currency used to send, exchange, and trade important items in the game.
    Definite Inherent Value
    Honco is different from other coins which is rated useless. It can be exchanged for Mithril at Exchange Post, showing its usage has objective and useful value.
    There is a fixed amount of Honco, and the upper limit is 1 billion.
    The upper limit of Honco produced from Exchange Post every day is 1 million, and the limit of exchange for personal account is 100.
    Stabilize Real Value
    The preliminary value of Honco (equal to 1 hundred thousand Mithril) will be influenced by the time and the growth of game. The value might decrease because of the inflation. In order to stabilize the actual value of Honco, it is related to the accumulated collection volume of all servers.
For a better experience, please use portrait orientation!

For a better experience, please use portrait orientation !