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Roadmap Roadmap
Details and schedule of this roadmap may be subject to change based on development timelines.


Play Anytime, Anywhere

Honor of Heirs can be played on the following platforms.

System Requirements
System Division CPU Memory Graphic OS DirectX Installed Capacity
PC Windows Mininum Specification Intel Core
i5-5200U 2.2hz
8 GB Nvidia GTX 650 / AMD Radeon 530 Windows 8.1 / 64-bit DirectX 11 10 GB
Recommended System Specification Intel Core
i5-6200U 2.3hz
16 GB Nvidia GTX 950 / AMD Radeon 560 Windows 10 / 64-bit
Mobile Andorid Mininum Specification - 4 GB - Android 6.0
or above
- -
iOS iPhone 7 or above iOS 13
or above
System Requirements
System Windows
Division Mininum Specification Recommended System Specification
CPU Intel Core
i5-5200U 2.2hz
Intel Core
i5-6200U 2.3hz
Memory 8 GB 16 GB
Graphic Nvidia GTX 650 /
AMD Radeon 530
Nvidia GTX 950 /
AMD Radeon 560
OS Windows 8.1 /
Windows 10 /
DirectX DirectX 11
Installed Capacity 10 GB
System Andorid iOS
Division Mininum Specification
CPU - iPhone 7 or above
Memory 4 GB
Graphic -
OS Android 6.0 or above iOS 13 or above
DirectX -
Installed Capacity -


Extreme aesthetics. Crafting unique character and face shape.

Exquisite aesthetics. Create your very own unique character.

Clear and easy-to-use character creation interface.
Creating your own unique character, whether it be eyes, eyebrows, or mouth; you can customize however you want.
Take fashion to a whole new level with hundreds of costumes.
Streamlined Wings, Fashion Costumes, and Elite Weapons.
Define your own fashion!

Visual feast combined with extreme battle, acousto-optics, and fighting.

Visual feast combined with extreme battle, acousto-optics, and fighting.

Magic swordsman controlling the elements and melee mage adept at martial arts... Create your own battle style through the Soulstone system.
Destiny Tower x Order's Sanctuary x Fortress Battle x World Boss.
Trust your partners and fight for honor with members from the Order.

Tame the wild. Recruiting partner all over the world.

Tame the wild. Recruit partners from all over the world.

Partners provide the most reliable support on the journey. Make more friends through taming and commissioning.
Heroes and legendary creatures from across the Avalon Continent are waiting for you.
Merlin, Lancelot, Guinevere, Gawain...
Gather people with the Will of Round Table to eliminate the Calamity and rebuild the kingdom.

Explore wildness. Stretch your wing and soar freely.

Explore the wilderness. Stretch your wings and soar freely.

Vast grassland, moonlit coast, and mysterious ruins.
Explore Avalon with the wings created from the Wings System.
Listen to the voice in your heart, and see through the mist to uncover the truth with Hawk Eyes.
Visit the mysterious Goddess statues hidden everywhere to gain succession of the unknown.

Diverse social platform. Warm up your adventure.

Diverse social platform. Warm up your adventure.

The more the merrier! There is no such thing as loneliness in Avalon.
Always check your event calendar!
Beast Betting, Bonfire Banquet, Dragonsoul PvP, and Order Auction.
Amazing events will make your nights brilliant.
Meet your life partner on the journey. Make your wedding vows on the beach at sunset.
From now on, the two of you will walk thorugh everything together.



Warrior Ranger Elementalist


DPS / Tank

Adhering to a code of chivalry and seeking the path to justice, Warrior has a great balance between attack and defense. Warrior deals consistent damage and stands on the frontline to protect allies from enemies.

Rank 2:Paladin / Berserker Rank 3:Crusader / Gladiator



Sniping with bow and arrow along with using a pair of deadly daggers, Ranger is adept at dealing high burst damage.

Rank 2:Hunter / Assassin Rank 3:Marksman / Rogue


Support / CC

Pursuing the Truth with elements and runes, Elementalist uses Natural Power to support allies and disrupt enemies from afar.

Rank 2:Sage / Magician Rank 3:Scholar / Warlock


Sir Lancelot Percival Morgause Merlin Raphael Guinevere

Sir Lancelot

The strongest knight in the Holy Camelot. As a descendant of God, Lancelot has invincible power. He's also the obstacle for Greenbrier Order.


A strong elf woman. She's the commander of sprite guardians in Covent Forest, constantly eliminating the enemies trying to disturb the sanctuary.


As the current lord of Camelot, Morgause has dispatched the Order on several expeditions to find the Excalibur, in order to carry out Merlin's will.


Merlin has studied Arcane for many years and analyzed the destruction of the Holy Grail. She sought power from the Goddess of Lake to fight the Calamity in the distant past.


Holding the Holy Crystal Staff, Raphael uses his divine power to help people, which earned him the title of "The Walking Miracle".


The descendant of God was found and raised by Morgause. Despite her young age, Guinevere was chosen as the Order Co-leader due to her extraordinary abilities.

Growth Elements

Based on community interactions, Honor of Heirs provides 4 branches of growth. Take part in these 4 main branches to develop and profit.

Dungeon Challenge

Participate in diverse Dungeons to get unique items and Mithril.
Discipline Hall will force you to unlock 120% of your full potential.
Challenge "Tower of Heaven" with members from the Order.
Gather heroes across Avalon Continent to fight against World Boss.
"As a Savior, you have to keep overcoming obstacles throughout the journey."

Order Event

There are many multiplayer events in the Order, providing rare items and Mithril.
Plunder Sanctuary Battle to obtain Mithril ore.
Receive taxes and the right to rule the Holy City after a great victory from the Holy War.

Production Event

Obtain various fusion materials through collecting and fishing.
Carefully observe rare resources located in all corners of the Avalon continent, such as silk and lamb skin. Crafting your unique equipment by yourself. Accumulate your wealth by selling the remaining resources through Auction House.
"The rich man's legend starts from having a good eye for valuable resources."

Dispatch Your Partners

Dispatch your partners to collect ores to obtain the materials for creating equipment.
Adventure life is always busy. Properly arrange your partners to collect resources for you. A great quantity of ores and crystals is the foundation for crafting weapons and armors. Partners will never stop even when you are offline.
"Master of time management is also adept at resource management."

For a better experience, please use portrait orientation!

For a better experience, please use portrait orientation !